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The Ambassador Program

The ambassador program affords adolescents the opportunity to play an invaluable role in our organization. By engaging their peers via social media and hands-on within their respective communities, they bring a daily awareness to health and wellness issues at a grassroots level.

Healthy Eating

Our interactive cooking demonstrations teach girls how to create meals using healthy ingredients.  

We provide specialized recipe books and offer resourceful information to encourage healthy eating choices.


Physical Fitness Initiative

Our physical fitness initiative offers fun and alternative forms of physical activities such as Zumba. Our professional instructors deliver motivating and dynamic classes, leaving the girls with a sense of accomplishment after each session.

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Book Club

The book club gives girls a place where they will create bonds and memories through the power of reading. Our hand-picked selections are comprising of bright, enjoyable and adventurous books that will have the girls excited about the next chapter. 


Community Gardening

Always Believing Foundation will sponsor a community garden for a South Miami Boys & Girls Club location.  A local organic farmer will guide the enrichment experience; the children and staff, as a result, will possess the skills to maintain the garden and even be able to build a garden in their homes.

Financial Literacy

The financial literacy  program is comprised of a series of programs that focus on financial education, entrepreneurship and leadership for adolescent girls.

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Future Prep

The future prep program will prepare girls for the journey ahead. Our instructors will guide the girls through the process of figuring out the next step after high-school.

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